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We will shine a light and give you tools to find your way home.



We can offer sessions in either English or Italian.

We are accredited with the major health insurance companies, and are conveniently located near to both Wimbledon Station (District Line, South Western Railway, Tramlink) and South Wimbledon Station (Northern Line)

Working with an experienced, professionally-qualified, practising psychologist can bring about the internal changes that you need in order to progress in your life.

At certain times in your life you may be confronted by emotional challenges that you find difficult to cope with.

Sometimes people feel a sense of failure if they cannot sort out their problems by themselves, but going to see a professional can be a helpful way to explore the changes that are needed to overcome your difficulties.


Meet the Team

We are  team of trained sensitive professionals experienced in helping people with a wide range of difficulties. 

Contact us

You may contact us by email on

or by phone on

0203 773 4268

KL - Health Anxiety and Adjustment follow Cancer diagnosis -

May  2024

I highly recommend  Veronica who has been an incredible support during my journey through breast cancer and significant life changes. Veronica's compassionate guidance and expert care have truly transformed my life, helping me find joy and resilience during challenging times.

HW - Depression -

March 2024

Veronica draws out the most insightful angles on any problem you give her and has a good balance of understanding and instruction.

CB - Anxiety and Depression -

January  2024

Thanks to  Veronica, I did things I have always wanted to do but was too scared to do, because way out of my comfort zone. I honestly have never achieved so many things as in 2023 and it is all thanks to Veronica invaluable help and support and the push she gave me to be strong and courageous. 

I now have many tools to navigate life and I feel hopeful for the future. Thank you!

CE - Work burnout -

December  2023

Words cannot quite express just how grateful I am to you for all that you have done in our sessions to get me to the end of 2023. Earlier this year the prospect of surviving let alone thriving seamed hard to imagine. Thank you so much for your skill, expertise and care. Our sessions do so much to keep me feeling mentally well and safe.

RO - Suicide ideation - November 2023

Veronica, I would like to extend enormous gratitude to you for all the support and expert advice you have offered. Your interventions over the last 6 months have had an enormous positive impact to both myself, and collaterally, to my family. Thank you

MC - Panic attacks and involuntary movements- June 2023

I was going through a very stressful time at work and in my personal life. Therapy helped me identify my negative thoughts at a conscious and unconscious level. It helped me to communicate better with my partner and with my manager as I found the right time and level of assertiveness. I was able to see the situation from another perspective and at the same time we were able to negotiate a better, more sustainable outcome. Thank you!!!

JB - Bereavement -

August 2023

Thank you Veronica, you have been a help to me. One of the key lessons I have learnt is not to put my self in awkward positions. I now have many tools to avoid those, to be more assertive and to manage better any negative thoughts arising from those situations. 

SP -Referring a Friend - July 2023

Hello Veronica, I don't know if you remember me but I will remember you forever and to this day everything I learned from our sessions are still so helpful! I recommended you to one of my colleagues. I told her how amazing you were and how much I loved your style, not invasive and challenging me to make my own conclusion to move forward!

DD - Relationship Problems - June 2023

I am grateful to have your support and guidance Veronica. I just wanted to let you know. Thank you

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