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Mentalisation Base Treatment (MBT)

The aim of MBT is to help an individual with a Personality Disorder to establish a more robust sense of self so that they can develop a more secure relationship.

Mentalisation Base Treatment (MBT)

Mentalisation is a process by which an individual implicitly and explicitly interprets their own actions and those of others as meaningful on the basis of intentional mental states (desires, needs, feelings, beliefs and reasons) and helps them to form a deeper understanding of others, to recognise their own and others' misunderstandings, and to consider their own motivations and/or reactions and those of others, while keeping a healthy emotional distance.

Our aim is to help the individual suffering from a personality disorder to foster the ability to be curious of motivation of their self and others, to enable them to develop a language that expresses the complexity of relationship, motivation and internal states.

Without mentalising there can be no robust sense of self, no constructive social interaction, no mutuality in relationships and no sense of personal security.

Our therapy interventions will be focused on teaching these techniques, and to bring emotional expression within a normal range by developing an individual's capacity to mentalise.

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